Tuition, Fees & Payment

RATES & FEES: 2019-2020 School Year

Class or Class Length/DayFall SemesterSpring Semester
.75 hr. Creative Dance Ages 3/4 Tuesday$240$255
.75 hr. Creative Dance Ages 3/4 Wedday$225$255
1.0 hr. Creative Dance Ages 4/5 Tuesday$288$306
1.0 hr. Classes Monday$270$288
1.0 hr. Classes Wednesday$270$306
1.0 Hour Classes: Saturday*$252$270
1.25 hr. Ballet 3 Tuesday$304$323
1.25 hr. Ballet 4 Wednesday & Friday$525 w/discount$595 w/discount
1.50 hr. Ballet 5 Monday & Friday$570 w/discount$628 w/discount
1.0+ hr. Ballet 5 LAB Saturday$128 w/discount$128 w/discount
(*) Saturday Classes Shorter Semester
See Detailed “School Calendar” and “Class Schedule.” for Actual Start/End Dates

Fees and Dates vary. The annual Registration Fee is not applied to Mini Sessions. There is no guarantee the class will operate beyond the length of any Mini Session.

• Registration Fee: Add $25 @ anniversary of original registration. Mini-Sessions Exempt.
• NSF Fee: $25

5-Pack: $100. No additional fees. Adult/Teen classes only. Expires May 8.
Drop-In Rate: $15 Creative Dance Ages 3/4. $20 ALL Other Classes
No additional fees. Please arrange in advance if possible.

• Multi-Class: Applies to additional full-semester classes for the same student
• Sibling Discount: One Registration Fee per Family

Remit Payment During In-Person Registration. There is no on-line registration.
Make check payable to “Eagle River Ballet,” or in cash. Registration dates are announced on web, e-blasts, at the studio, and local advertisements. Returning students may remit payment via delivery or mail-in. Inquire for correct office address. Mail is NOT delivered to the studio.