Great work today on the recital! Once again our entire family had a great time. It is very evident you put a tremendous amount of effort into the show, and all the dancers were great. We are so appreciative of you, Heather, and all the volunteers. We are looking forward to having Amelia back to dance class this fall. Enjoy your summer and again congratulations on a great show.
Darrel and Rebecca Hamel

I just wanted to send a thank you note to you and Abby for giving Madeline such a positive first experience with ballet. She has developed love for the art, which warms my heart since I have a ballet background. It was important to me for her to receive a solid foundation.
Holly and Madeline Gilbert

After trying other dance studios in the area and being disappointed that our daughter learned nothing, we almost gave up on dance. Luckily a friend recommended Eagle River Ballet to us. Under the instruction of Alice and Heather, our daughter has blossomed. They have nurtured her love of ballet and she’s so motivated. She practices between classes–on her own initiative! As a Kindergartner, she’s learned and can recall ballet terms, positions, and choreography. Thank you Alice and Heather for my daughter’s pride in her accomplishments and joy of dance.
Jaimie Staab

For two years, I had the privilege of receiving private instruction under the guidance of Alice Bassler Sullivan and Heather McEwen. Under their instruction, I was given a safe and disciplined environment to continue my training that I could not have been provided with anywhere else. Not only did they provide me with the necessary technique needed for a professional career in dance, they also allowed me to develop the required artistry and ability in all styles of dance that has led me to wonderful opportunities with dancers under companies such as the Island Moving Company and the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company. Thanks to their dedication, passion, and patience, I will be attending The University of the Arts for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance in the fall. I am forever grateful for the opportunities granted to me by this wonderful school and will always leave a piece of my heart with the Eagle River Ballet.
Molly Hawkins, University of the Arts ‘20

Since beginning Eagle River Ballet, my daughter has grown in confidence, strength and her love for ballet. The instructors work with each student for proper technique using correct terminology in a comfortable learning environment. All students are treated with respect and dignity. The instructors are highly skilled—having attained many national

accomplishments. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in quality dance for his/her child, to consider Eagle River Ballet.
Anonymous Parent

Our daughter, Sarah, never passes on the opportunity for dance instruction, and was thrilled when Alice made time for private lessons more than two years ago. She has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and greatly benefitted from the instruction. Furthermore, Alice has been most accommodating as we sought direction and advice on many occasions when Sarah sorted through various opportunities, programs and roles. Thanks for all you do. You’ve no idea how much we rely on your mentorship.
Jeff and Valerie Latta

My daughter has been taking private ballet lessons with Alice Bassler Sullivan for three years to complement and improve her competitive gymnastics. Alice has helped her develop beautiful form and technique required of ballet, and, has instilled in her the essential skills that have since elevated my daughter to a high level of success in competitive gymnastics. The gymnastics judges have complimented her and scored higher based on her evident study of ballet, good form and technique, and, she has taken first place in many gymnastics meets.
An Appreciative Mother

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Eagle River Ballet! My daughter, Ashlyn, received instruction from Miss Alice and Miss Heather for nearly four years. She started in the preschool creative movement class and advanced into ballet. It was a joy to see her progress from a toddler having fun moving to music to a graceful young girl demonstrating coordinated movement and self-expression. I was always impressed with the ballet terminology she would learn in class and show us at home. Alice and Heather have a gift working with these young dancers, prioritizing the art and education behind the profession. My daughter received a wonderful introduction to ballet, if it was not for an out of state move, we would still be there today!
Anonymous Parent

Being new to the area, I was thrilled to find someone with the qualifications and skill of Mrs. Sullivan. My daughter has grown exponentially in knowledge and skill since joining Eagle River Ballet. It is the premiere ballet experience in Eagle River–friendly, talented and always helpful. We will be back for years to come.
Anonymous Parent

My son has taking ballet since September 2009. I was thrilled when Eagle River Ballet opened, providing another option in the area. I appreciate the dress code, the age groups, and the lack of distractions in the ballet studio. I love the workshops that have been offered so far as they make the dancers more comfortable being in front of an audience. Miss Alice and Miss Heather provide a very structured, yet fun environment for the dancers. And, their teaching skills are top notch. I would recommend anyone I know whose child is very interested in learning ballet, to call Eagle River Ballet!
Anonymous Parent

Ballet has been one of the very great pleasures of my life. I find it totally engaging. From the moment I place my left hand on the barre, until the moment after the reverence – during every one of those moments – my mind is used in its entirety. There is no part of my brain left free to go wandering. Gone are my lists. Gone are my rehearsals for disaster. Gone are my worries. During that space and time, striving toward perfection of movement takes all of me.

And I am so very grateful to instructors Alice Bassler Sullivan and Heather McEwen. Not all of their students embody the ideal ballerina form, or possess perfect turnout or lovely, high arches. Some of us are women of a certain age, who tend to turn always in the wrong direction and have difficulties remembering choreography. To their credit, Sullivan and McEwen spend as much time and care guiding the perfection of students headed home to tuck the kids into bed as they do students who are headed for the New York City Ballet. Thank you for opening Eagle River Ballet.
Anonymous Adult Student