To experience optimal progress, it is imperative that students attend classes regularly. Each lesson will build upon prior lessons in the methodical progression of classical ballet instruction. Students will be expected to arrive at least ten minutes early in order to be physically and mentally prepared at the start of class. Any tardiness affects the student who is late, as well as classmates, detracting from the focus established at the start of class. A tardy student may be asked to observe—this is at the discretion of the instructor and is dependent upon the particular circumstances.

Regular enrollment: Tuition is due in full prior to the start of each semester, and is non-refundable. An annual registration fee per family in full-semester courses will be applied at first registration, to expire one year from that date. Students who enroll after the beginning of the semester will pay an adjusted tuition based on their start date. There is no credit or refund for any classes missed. Visit: “Tuition & Payment” on our website.

Payment Plans: A family may request a payment plan. 50% must be paid at registration, with the balance paid on mutually agreed upon dates—in advance of time increments. A 5 Pack is an option for adult and adult/teen open classes, with instructor approval. 5 Packs may roll over into the next semester, but will expire at the end of the school year in May. 5 Packs are not valid for workshops.

The drop-in class option is available to all students who wish to try a class, on a space-available basis in the beginning weeks of each term or by arrangement any time during the term. We prefer drop in students who chose to enroll in our program, do so by the following (2nd ) lesson. Adults may drop-in any time, in the appropriate class and level.

• Mini Sessions vary in length. There is no guarantee of a repeat course.
• Make Payment by check, Pop Money, or in cash (exact amount cash is appreciated).

We send out information e-blasts to your email address provided. Please check regularly.

We expect all students and guests to show respect for self, each other, all staff, and the studio space at all times. It is important to keep our studio floors and surrounding areas clean and neat. Please be sure that only clean ballet slippers are worn on the dance floor.

Specific to teaching dance is the need to see, and make adjustments to the whole body. Teachers will make corrections in a respectful manner, however physical contact with students is essential to help students learn correct positions. If you, or your child is uncomfortable with this, please talk to the instructor.

If a student misses class due to holiday closures, or due to serious illness, we will suggest an appropriate class as a make-up lesson. Taking a make up is not required. If you elect to, please contact us to reserve space and to insure that the student, and the class in which the student will make up, will have a positive experience.

A class that does not meet minimal enrollment cannot be offered. In this case, if we are unable to accommodate the student in a mutually satisfying alternative class, a refund will be made paid to the responsible party named on the student’s account. The refund will cover the remainder of the term from the date of cancellation. Please allow up to 30 days for the process.

If the Anchorage School District cancels school due to weather or natural disaster, we do not necessarily close. We will announce our decision in a email as soon as possible. Please check your emails on these days so you will be informed. Often, since the majority of our classes begin at 4:00, the hazardous situation may have been significantly mitigated later in the day. If we remain open, parents have the option of driving to classes, or not, given their commuting circumstances. If the ASD announces a delayed start, we will likely remain open for our mid-day and after school classes. We will make every effort to arrange an alternative class available for a make-up lesson. “Emergency Make-ups” may be offered on an alternate weekday, or a Saturday afternoon.

On occasion, it may be necessary to engage the services of a guest or substitute teacher in the place of an absent instructor. We reserve the right to do so when the need warrants. In these circumstances, we resolve to place the most experienced teachers in our program.