Policies And Info

We recommend discountdancesupply.com to purchase leotards and tights. We do have a limited supply of soft shoes to purchase at the studio in all sizes.

We love To See You

Class Attendance

The studio generally opens 15 minutes prior to the first class of the day. Dancers should be dressed and ready by the start time of class. Regular attendance is imperative and being present for the class warm-up is required for their safety. When a dancer misses classes or is consistently late, both the dancer and the class fall behind.

Easy Schedule

Tuition payments

Tuition is paid in full at the time of registration. Checks or cash is preferred but we do accept credit cards in person as well. If your child is starting after the semester has begun, you will be prorated at the time of their first class. There is a $20 registration fee per family for each semester.
Make up classes are provided as a courtesy when a class is missed. Please communicate with the teacher as to which class would be best.

A family may request a payment plan. 50% must be paid at registration, with the balance paid on mutually agreed upon dates—in advance of time increments.

For new students wanting to try a class before enrolling may do so. The $20 fee can be applied towards tuition. Arrangements must be made with the director before trying a class.

Class & Location


Please see the list of all closures under the Calendar Page.

On occasion, it may be necessary to engage the services of a guest or substitute teacher in the place of an absent instructor.  We reserve the right to do so when the need warrants.  In these circumstances, we resolve to place the most experienced teachers in our program.

If the Anchorage School District cancels school due to weather or natural disaster, we do not necessarily close.  We will announce our decision in a email as soon as possible.  Please check your emails on these days so you will be informed.  Often, since the majority of our classes begin at 4:00, the hazardous situation may have been significantly mitigated later in the day.  If we remain open, parents have the option of driving to classes, or not, given their commuting circumstances.  If the ASD announces a delayed start, we will likely remain open for our mid-day and after school classes.  We will make every effort to arrange an alternative class for a make-up lesson.  “Emergency Make-ups” may be offered on an alternate weekday, or a Saturday afternoon.

In the event of bad weather announcements will be made through our business Facebook page as to whether we will be open.