Dress Code

A uniform dress code for all our students ensures a neat appearance and assists the instructor in identifying and teaching correct technique and alignment. This further supports a classroom of respect and professionalism.

Hair: Must be away from face, and tightly secured
Children and Teens: Black leotard. No attached skirts & No skirts. Pink tights* Pink ballet slippers**

Creative Dance: Pink leotards, pink tights & pink slippers**
Adults: Standard ballet attire, or form-fitting athletic clothing, pink ballet slippers**

Boys: Solid color T-Shirt, black shorts, thin white socks, white ballet slippers**
Men: T-shirt, black or grey athletic pants or tights, white socks, White, or nude ballet slippers

(*) Pink tights for older students may be convertible.
(**) Ballet slippers may be leather or canvas. Soles: split-soled, or to hug the arch.

About Ballet Slippers: Ballet slippers should be fitted properly with the dancer present. All brands are different, and they do not size like normal street shoes. Slippers should be purchased from a dance apparel store, or a knowledgeable dancewear distributor to ensure a proper, snug fit.

Please no Black Ballet Slippers or Jazz shoes–They streak the floors.

Where to purchase your Dance Attire:

Bodyphlo, 570 East Benson Blvd. #23 • Phone: #276-1464