Course Descriptions

Creative Dance (Ages 3/4 & 4/5)
Children will be guided in a structured program fostering creativity, coordination, and a sense of time, energy and spatial awareness. Movement patterns and changes of level will be explored, as well as directed sequential learning. Students will be introduced to rhythm, stretching and strengthening exercises, fundamental dance and introductory ballet movements, as well as social skills. Music is incorporated into each exercise. Students are encouraged to move freely, without constraint of form. Children must be potty-trained.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 5/6 for Kindergarten and 1st Grade)
This class will expand upon all the skills of the creative dance syllabus, while transitioning to basic ballet fundamentals as a ballet primer. As a Ballet Primer course, students will learn positions of the feet and arms, as well as exercises to encourage the coordination of the whole body and a kinesthetic awareness of self-generated movement. French vocabulary will be introduced. Students are encouraged to experience the joy of movement with less focus on form.

Classical Ballet for Children & Teens: Ballet 1 – Ballet 5
The classical ballet syllabus for primary grades through teens, introduces technique in a carefully graded progression of pedagogy. Concepts are enforced in the presentation of learning correct technique and proper body alignment to help students work efficiently. Repetition of exercises at a proper pace will ensure that muscle memory will build good habits to last a lifetime of study. French vocabulary will be used. Placement in class levels above Ballet 1 requires instructor permission. Ballet 4 may include Pre-Pointe. Ballet 5 includes Pointe work

Adult/Teens 14+ Ballet: Beginning Ballet
As adults come from varied backgrounds of training, the adult classes focus on presentation, learning correct ballet technique, and the joy of movement, while striving to experience improvement and progress. Each class is structured with barre, center work, and across the floor movement in a serious, yet fun and supportive environment. We’ll help you improve your technique, strength, flexibility, jumps, pirouettes, and a whole lot more. It is never too late to be a dancer!

Modern Dance
This class focuses on movement without the limitation of a specific technique or form. The structure of the class includes warm up, center floor and moving patterns. It will nurture creativity, movement through expression, rhythms and patterns, dynamics in movement quality and, improvisational skills. Great for all ages!

Jazz Dance
Incorporating jazz music and rhythms, the class has an underlying structure in warm-up, center floor and movement across the floor that is based in a solid technique. This fun and high-energy class helps dancers explore a wide range of movement qualities.